Our Story

Indian Craftsmenship

The craftspeople in India are barely making ends meet. Even though they work really hard and toil day and night to make gorgeous and intricate products, most of the proceeds from their sales and profit margins is taken away by middlemen. This leaves these poor artisans with nothing.

This is when I decided to start Chamak Dhamak. A shop, a medium and a way to support these underpaid, under appreciated artisans. Chamak Dhamak is a way to help these craftspeople and artisans make a decent living that they deserved all along and live a better life.

Current trends and demands globally

I design the products keeping in mind the current trends and demands globally. I also help the artisans in the manufacturing processes. The craftspeople are also updated about the changing times in order to help them understand the taste and interset of people in various countries.

Chamak Dhamak includes craftspeople from all over the country and we thank you for visiting our shop. We also look forward to doing business with you so that we can share a piece of India’s rich heritage with you. Handcrafted goods, from our hand to your home.

Om Shanti!

Chamak Dhamak is an amalgamation of skilled artisans from all over India. The main idea behind it is to generate sustainable income for underprivileged artisans and craftspeople. Most of them are women and they don’t just have a job but they are the ones who have to find and strike that balance between home and work. This is a way to make their lives easier.

India boasts of a rich diversity in the field of fabric weaving, stitching, embroidery, carpet weaving, painting etc. Chamak Dhamak is a way to expose this rich heritage to the world.

Chamak Dhamak means to dazzle with the glow of new love. Hope we can make it happen for your home with our merchandise that we handcraft with love

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